Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mobility Project and Foam Rollers

Hey Everyone,

So Chris told me about the Mobility Project a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't until yesterday that I actually started...and my GOSH does this stuff make a difference.

I don't know if I can describe this properly, but the Mobility Project, (or mobility wod as their blog is called) focuses on the fact that athletes and individuals that train, generally have issues with trigger points/knots that develop, and a limited range of motion. These two things can lead to injury and prevent you from achieving your best. So the guy that does this, Kelley Starrett from San Fransisco Crossfit recorded an exercise every day for 365 days (actually longer since he's still doing it) that helps in addressing these issues. And he's not a hack, he has a Doctor of Physio Therapy and is really good at explaining issues.

You can find episode 1 here:


I also got a foam roller on the weekend and have been using it the past couple of days to work out knots in my back and legs. After doing both the exercise (or WorkoutOftheDay if you will) and the foam roller exercises last night I woke up this morning feeling Fan-freakin-tastic...which doesn't usually happen ever.

Not going to lie foam rolling kills, but it feels amazing after, as do these exercises. Just a little bit of self-torture to help brighten up your day!

(Oh and I got the foam roller from the Running Room.Shawn C. might know where else you can pick one up, I remember him telling about it back in the run club days)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tyler's workout bonanza!

Hey everyone! So Alicia and I just got in from a workout in the crap weather of today. ( the day the snow storm wasn't )

An update as to what I / we have been up to ...

so every Monday Wednesday Friday we sprint up 72 flights of stairs. 9 floors , 18 flights , elevator back down to the bottom ( running DOWN stairs is for wimps and u fall down and break things with jelly legs.)

Every month we add 9 more floors to our run.
Feb - 9 floors x 4 = 72 flights of stairs.
March - 9 floors x 5 = 90 flights of stairs.
and so on..

Mondays are Legs, so we do 3 sets of something like the following after the stair sprint...

Lunges ( distance )
pushups ( 30 )
jump ups ( 30 )
situps 20, 20 , 20

so legs, arms, legs, abs x3 / stretches

Wednesday we do arms , so - arms, legs, arms, abs x 3 / stretches

Friday we do abs, so - abs, abs, abs, legs, abs, arms x 3 / stretches

I am really finding that the stair running is kicking my ass more than almost everything Shawn threw at us back in the day. The feeling you get in your arms from doing too many pushups, that happens to my legs. They SUCK. If we are going to be running up mount St. Louis moonstone all day though, I think everyone should look into some stair climbing.

Also for fun...
    • Big Ben, England – 632 steps, 42 flights
    • CN Tower, Toronto, Canada – 3,500 steps, 233 flights
    • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – 38,680 steps, 2,578 flights
    • Mount Everest, Nepal – 58,070 steps, 3,871 flights

Hey guys and gals!

Tyler is now on board. We can all rest easy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

20km Challenge: Week 1

I hope you guys and gals have met the challenge for this week. If not, there is still just under 7 hours until the midnight deadline. Get out there and put some km's on those shoes. They miss you.

Here are my numbers.

5km:   21:24
5km:   21:01
10km: 49:02 (http://runkeeper.com/user/ElChan/activity/71450569)
 total:  91:27

Even if you didn't manage to complete the 20km, post your times and then beat them.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

The 20km Challenge

Here's something we can all try. Starting tomorrow, Monday February 13th, and ending Sunday February 19th at midnight I challenge you all to run 20km. I have come up with some simple guidelines for us all to follow...

1. You can break up the 20km however you like through the week.
2. A minimum of 3km MUST be completed at a time, (no 1k sprints).
3. You must keep track of your times and how you broke up the km's.
4. Add up the total time it took to complete the 20km.
5. Post separate times and how you broke up the km's with a grand total of all the times.
6. Beat your time the following week.

Sound good? Not too confusing? Go for it. You could do a big 20km run or 4 - 5km runs. Divide it up anyway way you see fit. Just remember, drink plenty of water before and after and be sure to do a proper warmup and cool down, (stretching after so you're ready for the next run). You don't want to injure yourself and miss training days.

I hope you are all doing the Tough Mudder workout routine as well. It's a killer. Running is only one component to the race. You're going to need the muscular strength as well as endurance to finish.

Look forward to seeing your times next sunday.

                                                artwork by: Bobby Chui (check him out, he's great)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey team!  Shawn finally kick my ass into joining the Blog!  Really, I've been meaning to, honest!  I did 10km this am on the tread mill (hate it).  Took me 63min........  So, no I wont be one of the fast ones on our team.  I love the monkey bars my "wonderful" husband built at my request!  Now I can do 4 reps of the monkey bars and I can do 3 chin ups!  He took some very flattering pic's of me this am...... If pictures could talk!  And, yes, I work out in his old underwear!  Is that weird?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just completed a 12K!

I drank two pints of McAuslan Cream Ale, and one hour later I went for a run and kept running. I think the beer helped dull the pain. Before my personal best for distance was 8.62 KM so I am pretty psyched!

Just completed a 12.11 km run with RunKeeper
Duration 1:10:36 | Calories Burned 1145
Average Pace 5:50 / km | Average Speed 10.29 km/h | Elevation Climb 166 m
Amazing weather for training this weekend!
The chedoke stairs are a great way to boost up your cardio and practice that uphill climb!
I ran them today,  Only made it up them 3 times but its a start! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

running stuff

hey guys,

I was looking online as far as running training and found this article:

Those of you who are runners/done running training, I'd love to hear your feedback and if  you agree with the training exercises that it outlines

Also, this is pretty cool site:
I never know what to wear when I'm running outside, and we all know what a princess I am when it comes to temperature. The website below allows you to enter in the temperature wind etc. and suggests what'd be good to wear depending if you like to keep cool or warm. It's not bible, but I've found it to be a good guideline, especially for colder weather running.


this little runt went to market...

Here's the facts:
I'm the smallest person out of our group (ie. the runt-y-est)
I have a huge mental block I need to get over of "I can't"

I just came back from a run..according to Google maps I did 6 k
3K from my work to Cherry Beach. 3K back.

Did I have to walk between stretches of running to catch my breath...yes.
was it painful and windy..yes
But I effing did it! *happy dance!!!!!*

And I walked 3.8 k to work this morning, and I'll be doing the same walk home.
I think there's hope for me yet..