Monday, March 11, 2013

10 days until Spring!

   Okay people, it has been a cold and snowy winter but fear not! In a measly 10 days it will be over and spring will triumphantly arrive. So, the big question is, what have you been doing all winter to stay in shape? Running on the treadmill? Zumba, (Chris Martin I'm looking at you), weight lifting, spin classes, swimming, boxing, muay thai, drinking, tv watching, sleeping in, eating leftover Christmas and New Years candy? If you nodded your head to the ladder of the list then its time to dust off the running shoes, dig out the gym membership and stop using your workout shorts as a cleaning rag. Let the weather motivate you to do more- faster and stronger! Everyone gets the bug at this time of year after hunkering in for the winter so why wait any longer? Get out there and move your ass. Your body will thank you.

   I'm posting a charming picture of yours truly from earlier this year. I have been busy whittling away the winter woes in the gym. I took part in a power lifting competition and took third place overall. Not bad for an old guy. This is a shot of me finishing a back squat that, as you can see, nearly made all my neck veins pop out of my head. Like I said, charming. Now I know what I look like to my kids when I'm yelling at them to, "Brush your teeth". "Brush your teeth!" "Why aren't you brushing your teeth!?!?"

 I want to see pictures, (and lots of them ) of all of you, no matter where you are in the world, working out and getting those bones and muscles moving again. What are you waiting for? GO!!!