Friday, May 25, 2012

So I have found an AMAZING app that everyone with a phone should try out. step 1 , select a time interval, step 2 , select the kind of work out you feel like doing, ( upper lower, core, full body etc...) step 3 , push start and do all of the random cross fit style workouts for 30 second intervals with breaks every 1:20 or 2:00 min. Try it out! I just tried it with Caputi, Yaleh, and Kelvin today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hey Everyone,

So I stumbled across this today:

Basically it's an obstacle training course, they have 3 heats every saturday in June July and August.
Prime Tough Mudder training me-thinks, especially on a mental level.

It's $30 a pop, but there's a Living Social Deal on right now where you pay 30 bucks and get 2 entries.

Here's the "share with a friend" link they gave me after I bought mine.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Its been mighty quiet around here lately so I thought I'd put a challenge out there.

For time:
100 push-ups
100 squats
100 crunches

Here are the rules:

1. Push-ups: chest MUST touch the ground and arms must be fully extended at the top for the rep to count. Doing them on your knees is acceptable.

2. Squats: knees should be at 90 degrees at the bottom of the squat. I used my couch as a guide, (if my butt touched it I was low enough). We're all different heights so find a box, stack pillows, have your roommate crouch on all fours just get low!

3. Crunches: feet off the ground and knees at 90 degrees. Make it a good range, no 1 inch crunches.

4. You get a minute break between exercises so subtract 2 minutes from your total time. Post your time.

5. Most of all, don't cheat. Every time you cheat I will know and I will punch a kitten.

See the awesome illustrations for technique. If you are still confused then youtube them, there are lots of good how-to's out there.

You have 3 days to do the challenge.... GO!