Saturday, April 21, 2012

Music Garden Thursdays

Sam, Steph, and me (and hopefully some others) are going to do the Music Garden Workout after work on Thursdays. Meeting at March Entertainment at 5:30pm and doing a short run where we will hopefully meet Shawn Schwartz at the Music Garden at 6:00pm. (run will probably be to Coronation Park and back to the Music Garden) Perhaps others will make an appearance! If you can make it, come on down.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is how men bake cakes.

So, when you're not training for Tough Mudder, this is what you should be doing for your significant other.

Baking cake!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Workout 1.0

Today's workout went really well. 9 people showed up despite the wind and bad directions, (sorry Tyler, I had to take that shot at you). This was the first time that most had done the Mudder workout and I think they'll all agree its a tough one. I'm always tired after it.

We will do more of these as the spring/summer commences, (if you want). We were thinking of having one every couple of weeks so there should be no reason to not see all of you at least once. More to come as time moves along.

One thing that came up is most of you are concentrating on the running portion which is great but don't forget the muscle conditioning as well. From what I've heard, if you can run a 5km you will be okay with the running part. The rest of the time you will need those muscles to get you over walls, through fires and of course, to wipe the tears from your eyes. So if you haven't already, start on the prescribed workout from the Tough Mudder website.

Here are a couple of shots from today. There were two folks that had to get back to work before we took these. We'll get you next time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lets finalize tomorrows work out! Sign in under this post in the comments section!

SO! Here's the spot that we usually work out that is close to both toonbox and nelvana and just down the street from Arc. It's kinda been a meeting point for all of us who are still doing the training. If this works for Shawn this is where I believe we should all meet tomorrow at 12:15.

If you agree with the above, sign in in the comments section for this post.

See ya tomorrow guys!!!