Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let it Begin

I was talking with Tyler a couple of weeks ago and he came up with an awesome idea. He thought a great way to stay in touch and update everyone with their training progress would be to create a blog. After a mere two weeks of sitting on my butt I have done just that. Everyone that is registered and PAID will be a member of the blog with the ability to post. Whether it be pictures, videos or just a sentence or two to egg on your teammates. Its also a great way to avoid e-mail threads that get into the 100's for replies, (humerous as they may be). 

I will open myself up for ridicule first by posting this picture. This was taken about a week ago. My wife asked me to make some monkey bars for the garage so she could practice, (I get the sense she isn't looking forward to them in the race). They work well but they work even better when its -7, you open the garage door and take off your shoes, socks and shirt. This is training for the Tough Mudder right? I must admit, I did wuss out a little be wearing the gloves. I just didn't want my skin to stick on the bars. The black bar is over my chest cause this is a family blog. Let's keep it clean. Well, as clean as you can for the Tough Mudder.


  1. That's an awfully small black bar...

    and yes, I know you missed the sass-mouth.

    In all seriousness, awesome idea guys!

    ..Chris, can you build me monkey bars?

  2. You can get all the supplies from Home Depot for about 70 bucks. Now you have to do it Chris. Just mount them to the hallway ceiling in the condo.

  3. It's been a while since I've been on some monkey bars... how would you rate the difficulty compared to a chin up? Easier? Harder? Should we be scared?


  4. easier than pull ups, U can use your body's momentum from the swinging part ... IMHO

  5. Thanks for setting this up Shawn, I mean, Sensei Chan...