Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time To Get Serious

Well, December was a write-off and so was January. And yes, most of February was lacking in the physical activity department. But I've since made it my goal to tear myself away from the computer at least once-a-day for 60 minutes of 'real' exercise. Not always an easy thing to do, especially when I'm on a bug hunt, but necessary, and I feel much better for it (after I'm done the workout that is).

Equally important, I've been focusing on my diet. Let's face it, a diet of coffee and beer just isn't going to cut it for Tough Mudder. I know I don't eat enough calories during the day, even during my more sedentary phases. Yes, I eat healthier foods just not enough of them. Now, I'm really trying hard to take lots of "snack" breaks instead of just "coffee" breaks and although it can be really disruptive to my coding train of thought, it seems to be helping.

Below are my runs for the week. These are in addition to Colbeck-style workouts for all-around conditioning.

5 km - 00:24:00

10 km - 00:49:13 (I really though I had Shawn's time beat on this one - so disappointed)

5.2 km - 00:24:30

21 km - 01:53:47 (My legs shutdown at this point and I struggled to walk the rest of the way home)

And since this blog has gotten far to wordy here's my inspirational video for the day. Yes, this song is on my running playlist and it is an awesome last mile song!


  1. He's alive!!! 21 KM. Very nice!

    I keep saying I'm going to stop drinking beer until Tough Mudder. And then I find myself drinking beer.....

  2. I knew you were up to something. Nice work. Insane distances. Makes me want to go out and run which never happens. Its goong to be a challenging week with he kids home for March break. Hope the weather keeps up so I can get out. Keep up the great work, everyone.