Monday, July 9, 2012

wednesday workouts

I don't have everyone's email address so figured I should post this up here too.

Chris had the idea that we should start training together once a week to make sure that we're all at the same level training wise, and using the tough mudder training program.
He's currently on a plane from Ottawa right now, I figured I'd send out the all-call.

Anyone interested on meeting up at the music garden at 6.30 after work on wednesday? (and every wednesday after that).
We can start off doing the mudderling training.

Please forward this along if I've missed someone.

Also, don't forget the day of, you have to bring stuff. They tell you about it here:


  1. In, (if my wife says its okay).

  2. You should bring your wife too! (I need pointers on her monkey bar technique)

  3. Plane?!?!?! He should be running from Ottawa!