Thursday, June 21, 2012

What are you doing to train???

Just joined this group about three weeks ago to help motivate me to stay in shape after Ride for Heart. Well it's working!

Did my 75km Ride for Heart with Laura Roy in just over 3 hours!! Had a training session with Mike (he needs no caffiene) Swiegot! And now am planning my 32km route bike ride to work tomorrow!!

training for Ride for Heart with Laura

I finished 75km and continued to bike till 87km cause I'm crazy like that

refueling at a pit stop during ride, gels and protein bars for all!

the brutal 6am start, I had coffee that's why I'm smiling!
This heat sucks for training, so I definitely suggest before 8am or after 8pm, it's so hot out there and inside (if you don't have AC like me and am currently hiding in the basement to stay cool)!


  1. The heat and humidity is terrible to run in! Can't wait for summer to be over... also glad I trained up a lot in the spring.

  2. Good stuff!!!! Should be fun! :)