Friday, June 8, 2012

Where the hell am I?

   The family and I are in the very small town of New Carlisle in Gaspe Quebec. I know, I'd never heard of it either. This is stop number 3 on our East Coast Excursion. After driving 1600km in 3 days I needed to do something so I headed out for a run. Little did I know it would turn into a mini-mudder practice! You see, there are about three roads here. All of which turn to dirt then to a trail then to a large body of water like the Atlantic ocean, (you've probably heard of it). You know you're in trouble when the GPS deosn't know where you are. I was using run keeper but it got confused.

    I had fun, well mostly. As the road turned to gravel, then to dirt and eventually a trail of mud and water. It was ideal Mudder practice. My shoes are soaked and muddy, as well as the lower half of my body. I did 14.5km in 1:30:24. What did I learn? Mud is wet, cold, slippery and kinda fun. However it does slow you down. You need to take little steps so you do 't wipe out. A lot like walking on ice but messier!

   After that I went for a, ahhh, refreshingly invigorating dip in the aforementioned ocean. The temperature was around 55-60 degrees celsius. I couldn't feel my legs. Literally. Something else to look forward to during the Mudder.


  1. I hope you mean 55-60 Degrees Fahrenheit......otherwise I take it you are sitting in a hot tub on LSD.

  2. Ah yes, you are correct. The cold krept into my brain.