Friday, August 17, 2012

another time my friends

unfortunately as a few of you know I injured my knee two weeks back. On tuesday I had doctors approval but by thursday I had a swollen and throbbing knee. As much as I want to do tough mudder I want to be there for my boys so I am taken medical advice and sitting this one out. There will be other events and runs... which as soon as I am recovered I will conquer!!!! In the meantime kick ass everyone!!! I will definitely miss out the event!

From my physio therapist "If you have an active inflammation response in your joint, it is always best to rest it up and practice P.I.E.R. Pressure- controls the inflammation, use of a tensor bandage to contain the swelling is appropriate,  Ice- 15 minutes per hour, Elevate-lying on couch with knee about 10 inches above the heart, and most importantly Rest- as in no participating in potentially aggravating conditions. I would have to qualify the knee brace you have to see if it will restrict the motion of the ligament that we would suspect. If it is just a warm neoprene sleeve like brace, it won't do much for the stability of the knee.
I never like adivising people to sit out of their event or training, but I think your knee may have already made that decision for you. So, it may be best to sit this one out Amanda."
I will defeat the next challenge but must sit this one out!


  1. I think you made the right choice, going in with an injury would have just made it so much worse. Tell you what we'll do though, we'll find out exactly which ligament it is giving you problems, and we'll do entire workouts based around it. We'll make sure that one ligament is BULGING with ligament muscles. Tough Mudder won't know what hit it next year.

  2. tyler you rock! I'm going to come back from this stronger then ever! Tough Mudder is my bitch next year! This year I might defeat zombies in the zombie run if I recover in time and get the go ahead