Monday, August 20, 2012


I can't believe how fast 9 months passed. Even more unbelievable is the progress every single one of you made over that time. 100% of you did it on your own and thats the most impressive thing to me. You self motivated yourselves for the entire winter, spring and summer to prepare for this and you should all be proud of your accomplishments. I can't imagine a more fun group to do it with. Sure we were slow but remember, its an event, not a race. Plus, the way I see it, we had more time to enjoy the day and the views from the top of those 'effing hills. I'm glad we didn't rush, it wouldn't of been as fun.
Ricardo took a slew of pictures yesterday and I'll spend some time going through them and getting some to you. There are some really awesome ones of practically everyone. Here's the team picture for now. All clean, fresh and smiley.

I also want to thank you guys for not throwing me out a window when I suggested it. The fact that you all stuck to it shows your dedication. I guess that leaves me with only one more thing to say....




  1. BIG thanks to YOU Shawn, for kick starting this whole fitness movement. Your attitude and determination rubbed off on us all.
    WHOOOO RAAA !!!!

  2. Thanks Shawn! Thanks for suggesting it. Having something to work towards was a great motivation