Monday, August 13, 2012

That Extra Gear

So with a few days before the big event, I thought I would share my  "Exercise on Vacation" story and give a little advice on how to find that extra gear when you think you're already maxing out.

It was the 5TH day of camping in Algonquin park when I decided to run the trails instead of the highway.  I was about 3k into an 8k run when I heard a large rustling in the bushes beside me.  That was when I realized that no matter how hard you think your heart is working, a noise in the bushes 3k into the woods will still get it beating faster.

When I realized that the large "something" was actually a moose, my heart jumped into yet another gear but curiosity got the better of me and I pulled out the phone that is my running companion to try to get a photo.

Then when the moose decided that she didn't want to share her path with me and started running toward me...

Well, let's just say that whoever came up with your age minus 40 as a way of determining your "Maximum" heart rate has probably never seen a 600 lb moose coming their way.

See you all on Sunday morning!!!