Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upon Arrival.

Follow these 4 steps upon arrival at Mount St. Louis Moonstone Ski Resort

Step 1) Bring Your Signed Death Waiver.

Step 2) Pick up Your Participant Packet – find your last name in participant or military registration lines. All participants must bring two forms of valid ID, one of which must have your picture. You will NOT be allowed in without proper identification. No exceptions. In your packet you will find:
  • 4 Safety Pins
  • Your Bib
  • Green Wristband: your participant band that goes on your WRIST
  • Pink Wristband: your bag drop tag that goes ON YOUR BAG
  • If you are 19 or over, you will also receive an ORANGE Dos XX wristband so that you can enter the beer gardens!
  • A primary ID One that is government issued with name, signature, photo and birth date such as a photo driver’s license or passport
  • A secondary ID that shows an imprint of name, and signature or a picture, such as a credit card or school ID.
Step 3) Get your Face Marked

Step 4) Don’t Throw Up

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  1. OK, just wondering if all mudders on our team are good swimmers? I am not the strongest swimmer, I have no problem jumping off into the water, but not so sure about swimming the 150 ft out ... anyone else?

  2. I'm gonna do it butterfly style.