Sunday, February 19, 2012

20km Challenge: Week 1

I hope you guys and gals have met the challenge for this week. If not, there is still just under 7 hours until the midnight deadline. Get out there and put some km's on those shoes. They miss you.

Here are my numbers.

5km:   21:24
5km:   21:01
10km: 49:02 (
 total:  91:27

Even if you didn't manage to complete the 20km, post your times and then beat them.



  1. Seriuosly? Nobody else did this? Just me? Shame!

  2. I went for my first run since March maybe (the company, not the month) yesterday, a little under 5k.
    I gotta pick it up, not a fan of cold weather running, and pressed for time with baby issues ... lol.
    Will try to get on track .. weather permitting ...

  3. I did a 7.5km that week. Then I helped a friend move and was sore. And waterloo was too icy and snowy. :( BUT I went nuts this week.