Sunday, February 12, 2012

The 20km Challenge

Here's something we can all try. Starting tomorrow, Monday February 13th, and ending Sunday February 19th at midnight I challenge you all to run 20km. I have come up with some simple guidelines for us all to follow...

1. You can break up the 20km however you like through the week.
2. A minimum of 3km MUST be completed at a time, (no 1k sprints).
3. You must keep track of your times and how you broke up the km's.
4. Add up the total time it took to complete the 20km.
5. Post separate times and how you broke up the km's with a grand total of all the times.
6. Beat your time the following week.

Sound good? Not too confusing? Go for it. You could do a big 20km run or 4 - 5km runs. Divide it up anyway way you see fit. Just remember, drink plenty of water before and after and be sure to do a proper warmup and cool down, (stretching after so you're ready for the next run). You don't want to injure yourself and miss training days.

I hope you are all doing the Tough Mudder workout routine as well. It's a killer. Running is only one component to the race. You're going to need the muscular strength as well as endurance to finish.

Look forward to seeing your times next sunday.

                                                artwork by: Bobby Chui (check him out, he's great)



  1. oh man, I just saw this now... I was planning to go for a run today, so that should help. I will try to get to 20 KM... we'll see. I only have 4.5 days left. Can I start my week right now?

  2. The rules say it starts monday and ends sunday. You won't have a problem getting it done. Watch out though, I suspect Zurbrigg is setting some land speed records and laying low.

  3. I'll have to start this next week. Just saw it today and I'm currently nursing my ankle.
    Question though, Tyler and I do stairs 3 times a week (8 flights x 4 each time) how does this translate to mileage? does it qualify?

    1. Unless you have some way to track the km's then I would have to say it doesn't count. Take a break from the stairs and head outside. The forecast for this coming week looks great. All in the pluses.