Wednesday, February 1, 2012

this little runt went to market...

Here's the facts:
I'm the smallest person out of our group (ie. the runt-y-est)
I have a huge mental block I need to get over of "I can't"

I just came back from a run..according to Google maps I did 6 k
3K from my work to Cherry Beach. 3K back.

Did I have to walk between stretches of running to catch my breath...yes.
was it painful and windy..yes
But I effing did it! *happy dance!!!!!*

And I walked 3.8 k to work this morning, and I'll be doing the same walk home.
I think there's hope for me yet..



  1. Look at it this way. You have the least amount of weight to move. Imagine having to carry around another Alicia on your back. Welcome to my world!

    1. Super awesome Alicia!
      I totally look forward to red lights and having to stop during a 6 km run...
      And I am thankful there will be stops along the Tough Mudder race

  2. Alicia,

    There is nothing wrong with saying "I can't" as long as you remember the "yet" at the end!!
    6 K for a starter run is awesome! Good work. I look outside and figure it's way too cold for running. I'll stick to indoor training until March.