Friday, February 24, 2012

Tyler's workout bonanza!

Hey everyone! So Alicia and I just got in from a workout in the crap weather of today. ( the day the snow storm wasn't )

An update as to what I / we have been up to ...

so every Monday Wednesday Friday we sprint up 72 flights of stairs. 9 floors , 18 flights , elevator back down to the bottom ( running DOWN stairs is for wimps and u fall down and break things with jelly legs.)

Every month we add 9 more floors to our run.
Feb - 9 floors x 4 = 72 flights of stairs.
March - 9 floors x 5 = 90 flights of stairs.
and so on..

Mondays are Legs, so we do 3 sets of something like the following after the stair sprint...

Lunges ( distance )
pushups ( 30 )
jump ups ( 30 )
situps 20, 20 , 20

so legs, arms, legs, abs x3 / stretches

Wednesday we do arms , so - arms, legs, arms, abs x 3 / stretches

Friday we do abs, so - abs, abs, abs, legs, abs, arms x 3 / stretches

I am really finding that the stair running is kicking my ass more than almost everything Shawn threw at us back in the day. The feeling you get in your arms from doing too many pushups, that happens to my legs. They SUCK. If we are going to be running up mount St. Louis moonstone all day though, I think everyone should look into some stair climbing.

Also for fun...
    • Big Ben, England – 632 steps, 42 flights
    • CN Tower, Toronto, Canada – 3,500 steps, 233 flights
    • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – 38,680 steps, 2,578 flights
    • Mount Everest, Nepal – 58,070 steps, 3,871 flights


  1. nothing makes you feel more alive then working out on cold wet pavement!!! I was pretty much soaked from the shoulders down.

  2. I'm so friggin' proud of you guys its makin' me tear up. Top marks!

  3. I need to start running. I've been doing some crazy ass light weight circuit/interval training 3 times a week since the beginning of October, so when it comes to muscle endurance and recovery, I'm good. But my running will need some work. But I gotta say, I currently am in the best shape of my life. Can't wait to do this thing!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ty, where are these steps you speak of located?

    1. Well I do them at work, there's 9 floors with the basement so we run from bottom to top. I'm at Nelvana. I also have my condo with 14 floors. Where are you at right now? I'm sure you could find something close by. If you need a hand finding stairs in your area I charge a fee of $75/hour + expenses.

  5. I'm at Arc. Just thought maybe you guys went somewhere around here, you are meeting up with Alicia, or going solo?

  6. Oh dude! you're right up the street from us! Yeah were just at the Corus building at lower Jarvis and lakeshore, you should run down around and meet us at 12:10 at the front entrance of Corus. email me if you want any more detials at tylerfigueira(at)

  7. I may come out to this between my spats of cooking and eating butter chicken...

    12:10 in front of Nelvana you say?